Setting up your FLEXlist

To set up your own FLEXlist you need to go to the homepage and fill out the form. You can give your list a name and choose from one of our ready-to-use lists. Then enter the personal code and click 'Create now!'.

You will now see your FLEXlist. If you choose a ready-to-use list, you are ready to go, otherwise you will need to add some fields to your list. A field is just like a column in a table. For example in an addressbook the fields could be: name, address, city and e-mail.

For each field you need to enter a name and a type. For most cases the simple text is sufficient. If you want to add larger text, you will need the "Long text" type. The Date, Number and Link types speek for itself. If you want to have a field with only a few possible values, you need the 'choice' type. If you choose this, you can enter the possible values, seperated by '|'.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have problems using FLEXlists, please contact our helpdesk.